Paul Bradley is running for the Ohio State Senate because he believes it’s time for our elected officials to be accountable to the people who sent them there. Too long have voters recycled the same politicians. These politicians continue to ask for more chances, but deliver little in return. The son of Republican parents, Paul understands that we don’t always need to agree on the issues to forge a relationship. In fact, he believes that some of the best ideas are formed when people with different viewpoints come together to make a decision. In Columbus, he’ll continue this tradition of fighting for all people of Ohio’s 5th Senate district.
Paul Bradley believes we can provide common-sense solutions to some of Ohio’s biggest challenges. Whether it’s addressing the lack of funding for our children’s education, making sure jobs come to and stay in Ohio, ensuring our working families have a voice in their workplace, or providing real solutions to the opioid epidemic ravaging our communities, Paul believes that the best answers can be found when elected leaders listen to their constituents and seek to solve problems together.